CBD+CBDV Energy Tincture


Experience the JOLT! This tincture is designed to give you the boost you’re looking for using organic ingredients. At this concentration, you can customize your dose to what works for you! With a higher dose of CBDV and smooth flavor, this coffee-inspired tincture is sure to be a go-to in your morning routine. Start with 1/2 a mL (33mg CBD) and work your way up as needed. Oscity utilizes Organic Farming practices, robust third-party testing, and state-of-the-art processes to ensure the highest quality hemp products available on the market.

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CBD + CBDV Is a Powerful Combination

Energy Boost

Get that boost of energy when you need it most. CBDV is a cannabinoid that is often overlooked in the market. Our combination of CBD+CBDV gives you the benefits of both energy and focus.

Increased Focus

Many people take CBD to help them increase focus in their day to day lives. Our combination of CBD+CBDV takes it to a whole other level. Try it and see for yourself!

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