CBD+CBN Sleep Gummies – Wildberry


Experience the Zzz’s! These Wild Berry gummies are designed to give you the relaxation you’re looking for. A higher dose of CBN and smooth flavor, this gummy is sure to be a go-to in your nighttime routine. Start with 1/2 a gummy and work your way up as needed. Oscity utilizes Organic Farming practices, robust third-party testing, and state-of-the-art processes to ensure the highest quality hemp products available on the market.


Nutritional Facts

Our CBN Energy Gummies are formulated to be the most effective in the industry while still keeping a true fruit flavor without the “earthy” aftertaste that has plagued the rest of the market. Try them for yourself and see!! 

Potential Benefits of CBN

CBN is an incredible cannabinoid that is often overlooked in the market. It has well documented benefits that can assist in a number of areas that could benefit your current lifestyle.

1.Increased Sleep

CBN is know for it’s ability to boost your energy without getting the jitters like caffeine

2.ZERO Melatonin

Melatonin is used in many products but it leaves you feeling groggy in the morning

3.REM Sleep Active

REM sleep is critical to help your body recharge. CBN helps you achieve REM so you feel refreshed in the morning

4.Reduce Inflammation

CBN also can help with inflammation while your body is resting and recharging.

About Our Formulation Process

We start our process with our own genetics that are high in CBN. Our Farming operation is organic and so it our CO2 extraction process. This allows us to deliver the highest quality products every time! We also have third-party testing for all our products before the go to market so you know you are buying the safest and purest products available for you and your family. We hope you enjoy them!