THCP+ 3.5G Disposable | Liquid Badder Line


Our revolutionary new Liquid Badder is a super smooth and creamy concentrate that’s as easy as cake batter. We’ve added THC-P+ for increased euphoria, and put it in our 3.5 Gram pre-heat device for the perfect hit, every time.

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Alaskan Thunderf*ck

Dosi Killer

Star Dust OG

What is THCP+?

We use the term THCP+ when we add more than the usual blend of Phytocannabinoid (THCP). The “+” expresses the high amount of potent cannabinoids in the product. You’ll find THCP+, along with a blend of other cannabinoids, to ensure a positive experience. Otherwise, an overly potent one would not be enjoyable on its own.
What is Liquid Badder?

Liquid Badder is a concentrated product with a smooth and creamy texture. It’s made using a method similar to our live resin, which involves using fresh frozen flowers to maintain a natural taste. During production, this badder is carefully whipped to keep important plant oils intact, giving it flavors and effects that concentrate enthusiasts appreciate.
What is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is an isomer of CBD, is derived from hemp and CBD, and is a psychoactive cannabinoid that packs several benefits. This unique cannabinoid is chemically different from its close relative, Delta-9 THC, differing in a few atomic bonds. Delta-8 occurs in small concentrations and is Hemp derived, making it Hemp compliant because it contains less than 0.3% of Delta-9 THC as required under the 2018 Farm Bill.

Liquid Badder Line

Our Liquid Badder Line features a unique blend of Delta-8 THC Live Badder and THCP+. We put this creamy concentrate in our 3.5 Gram Pre-Heat Device so that it is always perfectly heated and ready to use.


THCP+ 3.5G Disposable | Liquid Badder Line

Additional Product Information

Suggested Use: 1-2 puffs to establish individual tolerance
Ingredients: Delta-8 THC, Delta-8 THC Liquid Badder, THCP+ & Terpenes.
Size: 3.5g | 3.5mL
USB-C charger cable NOT included
NOT Refillable

Liquid Badder Line Flavor Profiles

Alaskan Thunderf*ck: Soft pine and bright citrus
Dosi Killer: Fresh earth and sweet florals
Star Dust OG: Warm wood with berry aromas

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